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  • Kaspersky Signals Malware Possibility

    A possible malware attack in the Middle East.

    By now we all are educated enough to know what malware is about. We all know the amount of damage it can do to a computer and to you personally if it takes sensitive information from you. It comes in different forms over different websites. Latest ne ...

  • Snapdragon Or Exynos

    Samsung decides to ditch Snapdragon for Exynos

    Well it's the never-ending debate. Which of the two processors are better? Which processor has the better performance? But one thing is for sure, Snapdragon by Qualcomm is very popular in the market. Most new devices are coming fitted with this processor ...

  • Apple Watch Shipping In April

    Tim Cook says product will start shipping in April

    Latest news coming directly from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is that the wearable which was revealed on September 2014 and due to launch globally on March 2015 will be ready to ship a month after the launch. The announcement was made during the quarterly ...

  • iOS 8.1.3 Is Out

    New update solves a few core issues faced

    iOS the engine that runs the ever popular iPhone. Be it any model of any year, iOS is the basic necessity for it. Every few months or so an incremental update is released to the owners of the iPhones which intend to solve the bugs which were found after t ...

  • Black Platinum Phone

    Givori makes limited edition phone

    iPhone 6. Crocodile Skin Pattern. All black finish. Nothing out of the ordinary except maybe the croc skin right? Wrong. This particular iPhone costs approximately just under the 14000Dhs mark. Shocked? Well there is a very good explanation as to why is a ...