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  • Our Guide to Gitex Shopper: All the facts you need to know

    We will bring you the best from Dubai's biggest consumer technology shopping extravaganza!

    It is that time of year again when spring is upon us and Gitex, the technology shopping festival hits Dubai. The last Gitex Shopper event in autumn was an unprecedented success with over 250 million AED spent and the forthcoming spring event, the 25th eve ...

  • Xiaomi And Microsoft Partner Up

    Both companies partner to bring Windows 10 on Android Device

    Windows mobile is one of the three most popular operating systems for mobile in recent times. Symbian or Java mostly used to be the base for most mobiles predating the era of top range smartphones. But recent times have intensified the battle for market s ...

  • Pirated Windows To Get Win 10 Upgrade

    Pirated copies of Windows to get the Win 10 upgrade.

    When Windows 10 was announced in late January this year, the excitement was at a peak. Everybody who was watching the keynote wanted to know what Microsoft is bringing to the table with its next version of the Windows Operating System.The one good news wa ...

  • Internet Explorer's Final Goodbye

    Microsoft shuts down the famous long running native browser

    Internet Explorer was one of the most long running and popular browser being used. As far as I can remember that I used IE since Windows 95 and kept using it right till the time I came to know about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. When the latter two c ...

  • Yahoo Boosts Its Security

    On Demand Passwords added as extra security

    Yahoo is one of the popular search engines as well as email programs that is used around the world. Its messenger also is quite popular among the masses. There are 800 million+ people actively on Yahoo on a monthly basis and this is still on the increase. ...