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Creative T4 Wireless Review

Indulge Your Senses

By Victor Philip Ortiz, 30.10.2013
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  • Excellent bass
  • Decent sound output
  • NFC capability


  • Wires tend to get tangled
  • Bluetooth streaming limits audio quality
  • Might be expensive for some consumers

The Creative T4 Wireless speakers deliver deep bass and sharp trebles best suited for music, movies and gaming.

Boom Boom Bass.

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Drop The Bass.


Creative T4 Wireless


Audio specialists from Creative have always tried to deliver the best in sound - whether it is speakers or headphones, they have made some of the best and reasonably priced audio products available. Their line of desktops speakers have always showcased decent sound output, along with support for the latest technologies available. One of the new speakers they've released is the Creative T4 Wireless, a speaker that they say is 'specially engineered and designed to meet - and perhaps even go beyond - all your entertainment audio needs.' For $370, this speaker system isn't the cheapest, so let us see if it is worth the price.



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Loud & Powerful.


The Creative T4 Wireless was made for everyone to enjoy - its 2.1 speaker setup is best suited for watching movies, playing games or simply listening to music. It is composed of the main subwoofer and the twin satellite speakers. A wired remote is also included. But what sets the Creative T4 Wireless apart from others is the inclusion of NFC to easily pair compatible devices with the speaker's Bluetooth. Creative T4 Wireless
Creative T4 Wireless Yes, it also supports Bluetooth (3.0 to be exact). Creative has been implementing Bluetooth on most of their speaker range, allowing consumers a hassle-free wireless option to stream their music to the speaker. But audiophiles will know that Bluetooth severely reduces the quality of the audio when it is being streamed. Thankfully, Creative employs the use of the aptX codec, which makes it sound like it were connected using a wired connection. Other than Bluetooth, you also have the option to connect external sources to the Creative T4 Wireless by using the normal 3.5 mm audio jack, or even the standard RCA analog inputs for legacy devices. You also have the option to connect via a digital audio input built into the subwoofer.
The subwoofer of the Creative T4 Wireless measures 215.0 x 235.0 x 290.0 mm, which should be small enough to be placed on a corner. The subwoofer, which Creative dubs the SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) offers deep, tight bass' - professionally engineered and tuned to perfection to bring you thumping bass. The satellites are small, but give off decent sound output. The satellites come with a stand, but can be removed so you can mount it on a wall next to your TV.  Creative T4 Wireless
Creative T4 Wireless

The Creative T4 Wireless can be controlled using the multi-functional Audio Control Pod. It houses most of the major controls, like changing sources or adjusting the volume. The NFC tag is also located here, so it is where you can tap your device so it can automatically be configured to be connected using Bluetooth. If you are using the speakers at night where you do not want anyone to be disturbed, the Audio Control Pod also houses a headphone jack so you can connect your favorite pair of headphones for private listening. The wired Audio Control Pod may limit you in controlling the Creative T4 Wireless, so thankfully the company also included a remote control so you can control the speakers from a distance. Setting up the speakers is hassle-free, but the long wires can be messy at times.



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Pump Up The Volume.


Creative T4 Wireless


We had the Creative T4 Wireless hooked up to an HDTV using the normal analog RCA jacks and the TV's digital audio output. Sound was good, though we initially thought the bass was lacking, but only because the bass level was set to a minimum. Once adjusted, we were treated to boombastic LFE's from the audio and video clips we have played. The digital output somehow gave a more detailed and crisp sound output that offered more work for the subwoofer. In general the bass can sometimes be overwhelming, but good thing that the level can be adjustable to suit to your listening needs. Stereo separation is good, and the overall impact of this 2.1 speaker system was better than expected.


Connecting smartphones via Bluetooth was hassle-free as well - once you put the Audio Control Pod on pairing mode, you can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the speakers or if you have NFC on your device, simply tap it and it will connect automatically. Once connected, you can freely adjust the volume from the Audio Control Pod or the remote. One thing I probably did not like about the speakers is the volume control on the Audio Control Pod, it feels loose and sensitive, and so a slight turn of the dial may sometimes mean volume that is either too loud or opposite.



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Premium Sound... and Price.


Creative T4 Wireless


Retailing for $370, the Creative T4 Wireless is not necessarily affordable compared to other desktop speakers. But its performance is definitely above average and the features should be well worth the retail price. You can probably find more affordable alternatives, but the Creative T4 Wireless ranks as one of the decent 2.1 speaker systems we have tested.