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Everything you need to know about gadget and reviews is a first of its kind video review and comparison website based in the UAE. Mizany offers comprehensive coverage of the latest technology and consumer gadgets in both Arabic and English language with original and fresh content. At later stages, Mizany has plans to introduce new product categories for review and comparisons, so watch this space. Demand for Arabic content related to trendy tech has been increasing exponentially over the past several years. Mizany has identified and targeted consumerism as a means of addressing the lack of Arabic content online indirectly. E-commerce is witnessing an unprecedented growth across the MENA region. Our research has shown that more than 60 per cent of people who buy online in the MENA region prefer to research the product before buying. Mizany provides independent, unbiased reviews and comparison reports that matter to consumers across the MENA region. Information will be dispensed in a simple non-technical format through videos and professionally written articles in multiple languages i.e. in the mother tongue of the consumer. aims to be amongst the pioneers that create Arabic content online by providing a service the offers engaging content and encourages users to share their consumer experiences. Theses reviews and comparisons are intended to offer an insight into the consumer goods that other competing websites in the regions fail to provide. These include functionalities, how-tos, forums and consumer reviews. Visit for the latest consumer news, reviews and opinions

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